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[2] icons   
10:28pm 09/05/2004
mood: artistic
(Not for grabs.)

A violin one I did a few days ago... I was playing around with a few things in PS... I kinda like how it turned out.


I made this with one of my Morrissey bases that I made earlier today. This was a more complicated icon, and I like how it turned out. (Enough to make it my default over Conan, even!)

ETA: I forgot to add yesterday that the brushes I used on these are from the wonderful quebelly.

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[15] bases -- Morrissey "You Are the Quarry"   
06:33pm 09/05/2004
mood: accomplished
I found an image of the album cover for Morrissey's upcoming album, You Are the Quarry, and I thought it'd be fun to make a bunch of bases out of it. 15 are here--100x100, but of various sizes of the actual album cover. Take, comment, credit. It's so easy. ;)

(will be crossposted to icon_extras)


Original image.Collapse )

El bases.Collapse )

Buy the album on May 18, too. ;)

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[5] bases   
11:20pm 27/04/2004
mood: working


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[6] bases // take what you want!   
06:15pm 18/04/2004
mood: busy
(just comment and credit.)

The first one in the second row, with the one full tornado and the two smaller ones forming... that's the oldest known picture of a tornado. How cool is that?

This stuff fascinates me.

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[2] icons   
05:45pm 18/04/2004
mood: artistic
I made the Pearl Jam one last night, and the Pixies one this morning, in honor of their reunion tour. It's been a while since I last posted--I've made quite a few icons since then, but haven't posted. I have a shitload of bases, too, that'll be up for grabs once I decide to put them up. (Haven't decided which ones to keep for myself yet. :)

Pearl Jam Live & Loud

(photo from apple.com--by danny clinch)

Pixies 2004

(photo from 15 April 2004, Winnipeg--loomer dot org)

It's going to storm here in a little bit... I'm in the mood to make some weather-related icons. Maybe I will.

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[9] icons // [1] base // [1] rainbow set   
10:07pm 07/04/2004
mood: busy... i'm so behind!
from getty; brushes by quebelly

I really like the feel of the last one. I'm saving it for summer.

Because I'm a Minnesota Twins geek:

Rainbow set--All you need is love.Collapse )

In memory:

With laughter:

[Any of the rainbow set icons and the Twins icons are stealable... as long as you credit finnystix or themooseicons!]

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[5] icons   
12:39am 03/04/2004
mood: accomplished
brushes by quebelly

I officially love Getty. There's some excellent photographs on there... all five of these images are from there. I'm slowly accumulating a huge folder of great photos from there... so many potential icons, too!

I might just use the bases to some of these, too... they're too gorgeous. But I'm in the middle of one of those "omg must have text must have border" phases, and that's why I added those to all of them.

I should have been in bed 40 minutes ago, too.

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[1] icon   
11:36pm 01/04/2004
mood: productive
One more for tonight.

I hadn't planned on making any more, but I ended up getting 8 bases (Singles) and this icon done.

I'll post the bases tomorrow, in case anyone's interested.

I really like this icon, though... it was a lot of work! I used TEN layers. That's a new record, I think.

Time to go watch Conan.

(And yes, I did watch Full House earlier.)

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[3] icons   
08:11pm 01/04/2004
mood: accomplished

I was in a Singles mood. My first Cliff & Janet icon; my millionth Ed icon.

I suddenly want to watch Full House.

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[3] icons // [6] bases   
12:25am 01/04/2004
mood: accomplished
Three icons I hope to use soon:

And six bases I hope to play around with soon:Collapse )

Bases are free for anyone to take, by the way. Just please comment and credit!

I am so fucking hooked.

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PS7: Full icon tutorial! (Including: a gradient, a motion blur, a brush, and some text.)   
07:32am 31/03/2004
mood: accomplished
[posted again just so I have it here, too]

For some reason, while I was working on an icon tonight, I got the grand idea to make a tutorial.

So I did.

+Photoshop 7
+a sexcellent screen cap
+a quebelly border brush

Image-loaded full tutorial inside!Collapse )

If there's something you feel needs clarification, or if you just have questions, please comment! (Also comment if you liked this tutorial, or though I did a good job... or if you have thoughts of how I could have done this better. I'm a little nervous posting this!) I'll be happy to answer anything.

Hope you guys liked this one!

(cross-posted in my own journal; icon_tutorial)

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Yeah, I'm pulling THIS out again.   
07:26am 31/03/2004
mood: artistic
Some Pearl Jam icons. For me, when I'm done being lazy and get to changing my icons.


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01:33am 11/07/2003
mood: ooh.
I uh, forgot about this journal. Uh.

New icons here soon, I guess. GIPs for life. :D

Edit: Wow. Uh, ignore every single post previous to this. Those icons are GONE. Uh. Um. That sucks.

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Halloween icons for y'all.   
04:41pm 28/10/2002
mood: accomplished
Ten Halloween (or Halloween-ish) icons for you guys to enjoy!

-SHARE. Damnit, SHARE.
-Don't ASK, just lemme know which ones you grabbed.
-I can add text, etc. If you want something customized, ask, and if it's something I don't think I can do, I'll let you know.

One last thing... all of the other icons in this journal (except two) are personal ones of mine, and I'd REALLY appreciate it if you wouldn't take those. Look, etc., just don't take. If I find that someone took them, I might just have to get angry. That would be bad. Thank you!

Onto the icons...

Ye Ol' Icons.Collapse )


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Iconses are so pretty.   
10:37pm 08/09/2002
mood: accomplished

If you don't know who's number this is, well, you're not my friend. ;)

Celebrating their win today! Every week, I'm gonna try and do one of these game ones. Because I feel like it. Ooh yeah.

No, I didn't expect you to know who this is. It's Rondell Mealey. He is the MAN.

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilia. He is another MAN.

That blasted Texans icon. Just... because.


Man!Draco. This boy's grown.

Because everybody should have a Ewan-slash-band icon.

Ooogle the beauty, folks.

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Yay! Updating this again!   
11:51am 12/08/2002
mood: accomplished
Because I found a good image host.

<-- Because I needed a goofy icon.

<-- it's from AotC if you didn't know.

So pretty. Hee.

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07:11pm 09/07/2002
mood: accomplished
I have some new icons for myself. Hee!

(this one is all because of mordecai's 'pink lightsaber' comment)

(a redo of my Han Solo 'Watch It' icon)

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Newbies! Just for me.   
10:24pm 29/06/2002

Last one especially because of mordecai. She's special.

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icon for sickly_pretty   
09:01pm 29/06/2002

If it's not what you wanted, let me know and I can make changes! With the two different pictures, I didn't know a good way to do blinking letters without running over 40K, so I made just the whole phrase change color.


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Icon for palegreenstarz   
03:59pm 29/06/2002

It's really simple, but fun. If you totally hate it and want something different, comment and let me know.

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